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Tools For Living The Mom-Life

bethany sandoval

Hey Mama! Maybe you are the kind of mom who has it all together, always has a meal idea up her sleeve, never forgets an appointment and never hides in the bathroom a little longer than is actually necessary to pee just to have a few quiet moments. No? Me either. This mommin’ thing isn’t an easy gig. For some reason, my children want to eat 3 meals a day! There are drop-offs and pick-ups, basketball practices, homework, laundry and potty-training and the list goes on. But instead of getting overwhelmed, maybe we just need better systems and plans in place.

The Busy Mom Resource Collection

Us Mamas Have to Stick Together!

I’ve created a bundle of resources just for you, girl. So whether you are teaching your kids to follow through with chores, or going through potty-training, there is a printable for that! Meal planning, grocery shopping? Got you covered. Planning a family vacay, working on a budget, creating family rhythms to keep you on track? This Busy-Mom bundle is full of resources to help you live your best mom-life. Plan, track, prepare, list, schedule and thrive! Take control of your day-to-day. The great thing about printable resources, is you can print what you need….as many as you need and they are budget friendly!

Printable Trackers

It sure would be nice to have important information all in one place! These printables make is SUPER SIMPLE.

Printables for Kids

In the mom bundle, there is a whole section devoted to serving your kids and helping them to plan and track.

Tool For Living The Mom-Life
Printables for managing Mom-Life
Cleaning Prompts and chore charts For moms who are busy!

This bundle and others are available in my Etsy shop!